Services & Architectural Design Process
Initial Consultation (Free)

In this meeting we'll discuss the scope of your project and go over any ideas you have for your new home or renovation project, including any existing plans you have.

If you are interested in having a custom home design perfectly suited to your block and individual taste, we can get things started! Our design process is different in that we work mostly in 3D to give you the best possible preview of how your home will look. This way we can visually represent all of the design decisions in 3D rather than just looking at black and white lines on a page.

Stage 1: Floor Plan Design (Architectural Concept)

We talk about how you'd like your house or addition to function and look, often with a site visit also. After this, design work begins on your floor plan and the home starts to take shape.

Stage 2: Design Detailing

We make sure that all of your spaces function exactly the way you want them to. Fitting in the doors, windows, appliances, tiles, flooring and everything else needed to make your home truly unique.

Stage 3: Development Application

Your development application to your local Council is prepared and submitted. We take care of all the forms and fuss so you don't have to.

Stage 4: Builder's Architectural Plans

Everything the builder and all other trades need to get the job done. These plans become very detailed and full of highly technical info.

Engaging a Builder

We can help with selecting the right builder for your project and give advice on contracts, pricing and inclusions to look for.


Pricing for our services is usually based as a percentage of project budget as this most often relates to the size and complexity of a home. This percentage is generally 2.5-3% for all of the service shown above.