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Ballina Bungalow House

Currently in the design development phase and soon to be submitted for DA approval, this project is scheduled to start in mid 2020 with a completion date later in the year. The site is near flat and located in River Oaks Estate, Ballina. After several rounds of concept drawings the clients were happy with this design that took advantage of the open space at the front of the site and opened up the house to favourable Winter sun. From the outset a key design challenge was that North was to the road frontage of the site, which meant living areas would be facing the street. With clever use of privacy screening and vegetation, this was overcome. A custom designed floor plan means that living areas have a strong connection and view to the private open space and a favourable North-East aspect.

The colour scheme for the house is a classic white cladding and trim. The lightweight and bright material palette keeps the visual impact soft and welcoming. The open gable design with custom decorative trusses was a key request of the clients and adds unique character, forming a basis for classic bungalow styling.