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The start of any home building or renovation project is both exciting and intimidating and it's my aim to make this an enjoyable, rewarding and responsive experience. With such a large amount of decisions that go into a home design, it is extremely helpful to have a professional to guide you through this process.

The Northern Rivers unique climate requires careful design consideration to best take advantage of the outdoor living potential. The benefits of living in a home carefully custom designed for you and your location far exceed what is achievable with generic plans from project home builders. Perhaps you've already looked through countless pages of standard project builder designs and noticed that after a while they all start to look the same? It's time to start thinking outside the box and get a custom - architecturally designed home that best suits you, your family and your lifestyle.

A custom home that's livable year round adds real value if you decide to sell down the track. A house that's warm in winter and cool in summer and has lower heating and cooling costs is always going to be a highly desirable - so it makes sense even from a purely financial perspective, both for you now and a future buyer.

You're invited to look through this website and browse examples of my design work. If you like what you see and are interested in hiring me as your designer, head over to the contact page and get in touch.

↑ Facade with fusion of modern and traditional styles

Our buildings form a tangible part of the community, culture and local environment in which they reside and paying respect to this affects our design process. Climate and location appropriate design means listening to nature, referring to the past and looking to the future.


Homes need to work and perform at a level of functionality required by their owners. In the quest to create a home of distinctive character, we keep purpose and amenity at the core of our design process.


We endeavor to create living spaces where human comfort levels are maintained passively even within seasonal temperature extremes. Attentive and thoughtfully oriented designs make this possible.

↑ Well oriented outdoor area for year round enjoyment

To gather, to celebrate, to retreat, to work and to play. A home serves a multitude of different purposes at different times. Your immediate home environment affects your daily life, your connections with friends and family and should be a space that brings delight and satisfaction.

↑ Street view of home showing planter box above porch.

Your home should ideally be a reflection of your aspirations, inspirations or pursuits and may even be an outward expression of your inner personality. We like to strike a balance between form and function, remembering that the third dimension must carry the desired style paired with good performance.


Waste has no place in our design approach - all possibilities to improve efficiency are considered. Well-oriented, energy smart design and careful dedication of materials and floor space create lasting benefits throughout the lifetime of your new home.


Feel, character, appearance, durability and quality. We work closely within your budget and preferences to create a rewarding and inspiring material palette for your new home.

Jaffa Encaustic Cement Tiles shown above by Jatana Interiors